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Appointed on behalf of the husband, whose wife was the shareholder and company director.

The wife’s shareholding had been valued by a Big 4 firm’s London office, who were also the auditors of the company, at in the region of £4 million. Our work led us to the view that the value of the wife’s shareholding was worth nearer £14 million. We obtained a significant amount of documentation from work carried out by the same Big 4 firm’s corporate finance team and auditors, which undermined the valuation being put forward and also identified a £5 million calculation error.

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Appointment as second expert following disagreement regarding opinion of Single Joint Expert (‘SJE’)

Following the receipt of the Single Joint Expert’s report for the purposes of divorce proceedings, valuing a chain of retail outlets; it was the view of the owner of the company that these had been significantly over valued by the SJE, at in the region of £2 million. His instructing solicitors approached Quantis in order to obtain a preliminary view as to the valuation of the company. It was our view that this was in the region of £850,000.

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