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Confiscation proceedings under POCA 2002 following conviction for handling stolen vehicles.

We were appointed on behalf of the Defendant who had been convicted of handling two stolen vehicles, the value of these being around £40,000. The Prosecution applied the ‘criminal lifestyle’ assumptions and he faced a confiscation order for around £250,000. Unusually, his realisable assets were far in excess of the benefit figure, being well over £1 million.

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Acting on behalf of Prosecution in complex identity theft fraud

The Defendant had made no admissions to the Prosecution during his remand. He had obtained over 200 stolen or false identities and used these to obtain bank accounts, credit cards and mortgages. In addition, the identities were used to set up limited companies and other trading ventures, using these as the company directors and employees of the fictitious businesses.

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High street retailer manageress accused of refund fraud

We acted on behalf of a shop manageress who, it was alleged, had been carrying out cash refund frauds by making false claims.  The charges against her were based upon the stock records of the shop, which showed that there were discrepancies between the actual stock held and that which was shown on the computer records.  She maintained her innocence throughout.

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Appointed on behalf of the husband, whose wife was the shareholder and company director.

The wife’s shareholding had been valued by a Big 4 firm’s London office, who were also the auditors of the company, at in the region of £4 million. Our work led us to the view that the value of the wife’s shareholding was worth nearer £14 million. We obtained a significant amount of documentation from work carried out by the same Big 4 firm’s corporate finance team and auditors, which undermined the valuation being put forward and also identified a £5 million calculation error.

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Compulsory Purchase Order made against pie manufacturer

Following the serving of a Compulsory Purchase Order, we were instructed to calculate a claim for disturbance on behalf of the affected party, a manufacturer of 4,000 meat pies per day. Alternative premises had been sourced and the claim for disturbance was based upon the additional costs that the business would suffer as a result of the relocation.

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Appointment as second expert following disagreement regarding opinion of Single Joint Expert (‘SJE’)

Following the receipt of the Single Joint Expert’s report for the purposes of divorce proceedings, valuing a chain of retail outlets; it was the view of the owner of the company that these had been significantly over valued by the SJE, at in the region of £2 million. His instructing solicitors approached Quantis in order to obtain a preliminary view as to the valuation of the company. It was our view that this was in the region of £850,000.

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Appointed on behalf of food manufacturer to quantify loss of profits claim

We were instructed on behalf of a food manufacturer who had suffered a disruption to their business due to a fire destroying their premises. As a result, the manufacturer was unable to supply a number of its customers for a prolonged period of time and had to source their fish based products from overseas.

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