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Acting on behalf of Prosecution in complex identity theft fraud

The Defendant had made no admissions to the Prosecution during his remand. He had obtained over 200 stolen or false identities and used these to obtain bank accounts, credit cards and mortgages. In addition, the identities were used to set up limited companies and other trading ventures, using these as the company directors and employees of the fictitious businesses.

The value of the funds obtained was in the region of £2 million and many of these funds were transferred via the company bank accounts to the bogus employees, purportedly as wages. All of these bank accounts were controlled by the Defendant.

There were many transactions to consider and we produced a detailed report, which had the benefit of simplifying these transactions and reflecting them in easy to understand flow charts and tables.

Having being totally uncooperative with the Prosecution, within two weeks of the service of our report, a guilty plea was entered. He received a 3½ year custodial sentence.

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